The Beacon Project
Video Projection Art Installation

BEACON Mission

The Beacon Mission Statement



a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration.

The Beacon Project inspires productive action by shining an empathetic light on the troublesome issues of our times. Beacon is more than an art installation. It is a community of activists engaging with the public in critical discourse about creating the world we want to live in.

Beacon uses light projection as an immersive and interactive dialogue with the institutions and communities it is projected in. Rather than projecting unilaterally to passerby, Beacon changes with community engagement and, hopefully, changes community engagement. Beacon also empowers a diversity of viewpoints by giving a platform to overlooked, or undervalued perspectives. Beacon seeks to elevate the level of discourse as well as the level of engagement around community and global issues.

The installation is presented in weekly themes, influenced by current events, trending topics, and persistent issues. Beacon considers the connection between art and policy vital, in that artists are often engaged with the public at large rather than a targeted base and are able to express the perspectives of a broader community. The themes are structured to offer dialogue between artists, the public, and those with expertise in such issues (policymakers, activists, organizations). The themes also allow for overlap and patterns to be recognized. This demonstrates how interconnected our seemingly individual issues are, and how empathy and common ground are necessary to find solutions.

Beacon also sources content from community-oriented organizations to provide context and information around these global issues. The installation hopes to prompt deeper reflection and create a way for people to be involved in a tangible way in the issues Beacon explores.