The Beacon Project
Video Projection Art Installation



BEACON: Sacramento is a public art video display that deals with different social issues America and the world face daily for 10 weeks at the intersection of 10th and K streets in Sacramento, Ca. With the participation of over 50 artists from around the globe, socially conscious organizations, and the public, BEACON: Sacramento strives to show the diversity, complexity, and beauty of the world we live in.


"In Spring 2017 artists and activists transformed a former bank on 10th and K street in the capital of California
into a video art installation titled Beacon: Sacramento."

City Scout went behind the scenes to show you how they did it.

City Scout gets the full scoop from the BEACON team.

City Scout gets the full scoop from the BEACON team.



Art Meets Activism on Canvas of Sacramento Real Estate by RACHEL DOVEY at NEXT City

Last week’s featured artist was Marcellus Armstrong, whose work “‘Break’ing” focused on “survival, resilience and the black experience within the context of violent subjugation,” according to a press release.


Sacramento Bee

‘BEACON’ puts social issues of Sacramento in the spotlight

"Forcing people out of their arena to create a commercial ideal shouldn’t be a goal. The goal should be to make things better for those who live there, and make it inviting for others to build, live and invest in these communities."

Sacramento Bee

photo by Terence Duffy

What does it even mean to be American now?.

For my collaborators and me, America is still a unique place that is resourceful enough to find a silver lining in even the grimmest of circumstances. The purpose of BEACON is to show that resistance and creativity are vital tools now and going forward.


Good Day Sacramento -
Tre Borden & The BEACON Project

"The idea is, you want people to walk by, stop in their tracks, learn something from what they see and then be compelled to want to give back. " -- Cambi Brown, reporter, Good Day Sacramento.

What is America? You decide. Get involved in the resistance at

Press Photos

Borden joins us in studio with curator Jessa Ciel and the building’s owner Nikky Mohanna to talk about the project, its weekly themes that focus on social issues and why it’s happening.

SacTown Mag

Dynamic video projection installation to open on K Street by Tori Masucci Cummins

Next up is a project called BEACON, where interactive video projections will enliven a building at the corner of 10th and K streets with works by over 50 local, national and international visual artists.


Sacramento Bee

Go inside the Beacon public art project in Sacramento by Cathie Anderson

Tre Borden shares how the BEACON public art project flickered to life at 10th and K streets in downtown Sacramento


Comstock's Magazine

Video Art Installation Coming to Downtown SacramentoBy Robin Epley

Inspired by current politics and an increased focus on California and its state capital, two Sacramentans are looking to instigate dialogue around a new project coming to downtown.


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